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CB-PMO Certification Training

What You Will Learn

  • How to operate within a structured PMO framework which sets the foundation for all elements impacting (and impacted by) your PMO

  • How to assess your PMO’s maturity level and identify initiatives to help your PMO reach its full potential

  • How to align PMO strategy to organizational goals and develop an executable roadmap

  • How to demonstrate value to your organization and increase the PMO ROI

  • How to measure PMO performance and identify much needed improvement initiatives

  •  How to secure continuity for your PMO through succession planning

  • The importance of executive sponsorship and emotional intelligence to your PMO

  • How to define roles and responsibilities within the PMO and assess available and needed skillsets to carry out your PMO’s mission

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What You Will Gain

1. Knowledge


This training offers you a structured and detailed PMO design plan that can be tailored and used to set up and support any PMO in any organization! The information you will receive is invaluable to a PMO professional

and will help you again the confidence you need to become a world-class PMO professional!



2. Access


Take advantage of the experience of others! You will gain access to the PMOGuidebook®, written and modeled by experts around the world! You'll also gain access to the PMO framework, training material,

and practice exam tools to help you prepare for the exam!


3. Credibility


This training will prepare you to sit for the exam and gain your CB-PMO® Certification,

establish yourself as a highly-trained and highly-skilled PMO professional!

CB-PMO, PMOGI-ABP, PMOGI-ABPI are registered trademark of PMO Global Institute.

Arcpro is an Authorized Business Partner (ABP) go PMOGI.

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